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The lack of common sense

May be deathly

My counselor gave me a handout on Grounding and I thought it would be very helpful for some of you. So I'm going to type it out for you guys here. →


Detaching From Emotional Pain (Grounding)

What Is Grounding?
Grounding is a set of simple strategies to detach from emotional pain (for example, drug cravings, self-harm impulses, anger, sadness). Distraction works by focusing outward on the external world -…

I need a personal post now. And I need help now.

The only thing keeping me alive and eating and trying to do shit is that he said he would come back if I got better….. He just walked out the door, he needs time to think, if he wants to be here while i keep trying to get better and fail miserably. I keep destroying bits and pieces of him. I’m not getting any better. I’m so tired of hurting so much….. 
And I feel weak by posting this, by writing it down even but I really need someone to talk to…. I don’t know where to turn to anymore.

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